We live sustainability

We have been wool pioneers since 1969 and have been developing all products and processes 100% in-house since our company was founded. We work closely with our partners and experienced experts, including architects, engineers and designers. The international success of our tradition-rich company stems in particular from our sustainable corporate philosophy.

This is how we behave in a more climate-friendly way

Our Commitment

Global warming is one of the world's most pressing challenges and calls for global solutions. Climate protection is a central issue in our company. Through the 100% CO2 neutral production of ecological building materials, it is possible to create a healthy indoor climate for all employees and save around 60 tonnes of CO2 per year. 

Not only the heat and cold generation, but also - and this is a significant operating cost factor - the purchased electricity is entirely green electricity! The building is cooled with rainwater, heat is recovered from the waste water, and a photovoltaic system is also used. The virgin sheep's wool we use comes from Austria, Germany, Switzerland and the EU. Furthermore, we are pleased that one of our company vehicles is already an electric car.

To make the world a little bit better, we continue to focus on sustainability and fairness. We think positively, take responsibility and act in the interest of our fellow human beings and the environment. We are proud to be able to support various social projects and thus contribute to local economic development and social life in other regions. For us, it goes without saying that we always respect the rights and dignity of all people.

We join in!

The United Nations developed 17 goals for peace, prosperity and the protection of our planet. At Lehner, we are also implementing some of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which have been appointed worldwide to guide the 2030 Agenda.  The focus of our goals is primarily in the areas of sustainable production and raw material sourcing, the responsible use of resources and through ongoing innovations to improve our wool fibres. The use of solar energy, climate protection measures such as largely plastic-free packaging and the responsible use of water also speak for themselves.
Not an option, but a must


What does "sustainability" mean anyway? For us it is clear that this term is not only a way of dealing with the environment, but also an attitude towards life. Sustainable means enjoyment of life and pleasure at the same time. A healthy and good life for all of us, including those yet to come.

More and more, we are concerned about limited resources. That is why we are committed to creating sustainable future concepts in order to protect our earth.

Throughout the process, we place the highest priority on gentle production and checking the value chain against our strict requirements. To make our production even more environmentally friendly, we use "green electricity", most of which we generate ourselves.

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Sustainable practices


Zero Waste - A future without waste. The term "Zero Waste" translates very well into German and means "zero waste". Since sustainability is close to our hearts, we strive to create as little waste as possible and not to waste our raw materials. In doing so, we try to preserve our resources through responsible use in order to be a role model for future generations.


After finishing our end products, there are, for example, felt cuttings and remnants that are surplus. These leftovers are not thrown away, but other, new products are made from them so as not to waste our wool. Our motto is to transform unwanted materials into something valuable. Our collection is always developed with different designers using the same approaches, which means that trend products are partly upcycled.


The origin of all our products is the renewable raw material sheep's wool, for which biodegradability is characteristic: at the end of the life cycle, this allows our fibres to become part of the ecosystem again. This is made possible by our decision not to use any harmful chemicals or methods in the production process and to rely on 100% wool. In this way, our products are the soil on which new plants can grow.

Plastic-free: Packaging

For our catalogues, flyers and brochures, we use a sustainable paper option whose production does not require de-inking, i.e. the removal of printing ink from the paper, or bleaching. By using waste paper and recycled cardboard, we thus save up to 60 per cent energy and heat. Our cardboard is produced from a blend of recycled and virgin fibres.

With the motivation to drive recycling and reuse of our boxes, we focus on making our boxes as durable as possible and ideal for repeated use. After all, buying climate-neutral products makes a tangible contribution to climate protection.