People & Values

Our spirit for successful cooperation

What actually defines us at Lehner Wool? How do we explain who we are and what we do every day? Spinning, weaving, fulling, winding, needling - what actually happens behind the scenes here?

We don't know if we can find answers to all these questions. But we do know that our culture, our way of dealing with each other and our many years of expertise in the processing of sheep's wool make us a partner who can also realise unusual projects and find the right wool solution for every situation. We do not shy away from challenges and the development of products that are not actually in our portfolio.

We are characterised not only by the agility of a traditional handicraft business, but also by the human qualities of an organically grown family business. We always strive to adapt to new markets and environments and, because of constant change, are always eager to seize new opportunities.

Flexible & creative

We are Lehner Wool


The Hotline-team is responsible for sales, billing, production scheduling, accounting, personnel & purchasing and can be found in the office. The first point of contact for our customers takes place here.


The heart for the ISOLENA and Silentum brands - the ISO-team takes care of the production of insulation, felts, for defibration and baling. To ensure that the machines all run properly and we can develop new products, the locksmith's shop docks on. Warehouse management, shipping processing and quality control are also part of this team.


The Allround-team is home to versatile talents - as the name suggests, this team is versatile. From the production of FELICE carpets, to pattern processing and the finishing of Silentum products. Here they sew, cut, weave, make up and much more.


The marketing team works both on site and from the home office in the areas of online marketing, e-commerce, marketing and graphics: Conception & creation of sales-promoting materials for 360° communication, social media, development and maintenance of e-commerce platforms.


The Wool-team takes care of the preparation and processing of the colourful raw wool, which is later passed on to the SHEEPWORLD team. From weighing to spinning to felt production - it's all colourful here.


The Sheepworld-team turns the raw material into great products for the STYLIT brand and various woolly product developments - sometimes they even knit or crochet here. From cutting felt, winding cords and bobbins, creating small packaging to preparing the goods for shipping.

Almost doesn't feel like work

Feeling good at Lehner

We offer our employees room for creativity and a lot of initiative. So it almost doesn't feel like work. We also encourage creative ideas and self-organisation. Flat hierarchies, short decision-making processes and flexibility characterise the interaction between colleagues. Respectful interaction is part of our guiding culture, which makes the entire staff a family with whom we master ups and downs together. We are proud to unite people from young to old in our company, who are united by the will to contribute dynamically.

That's what we hold on.

Our values



Perfection is our drive. It is important to us to produce quality-assured products in order to create the perfect solution for every customer.


We support people's health and safety and create products that are good for people and nature.


We are fascinated by the raw material sheep's wool and use its advantages to create ingenious products and inspire our customers.


We contribute to a better world and think in terms of generations. We act sympathetically and respectfully.



We bring people and materials together and inspire creativity.


We connect creative ideas with trends and create inspiration.


We process 100% virgin sheep's wool.


It is important to us to combine well-being and beauty.


For fun and functionality indoors and outdoors.



We understand the individuality of our customers and enable flexible design in form and colour. We set trends.


Functionality, pleasant haptics, room acoustic improvement, room air improvement and a wide range of applications are important to us.


It is important to us to strengthen well-being by creating calm and concentration. In this way we create a healthy living space.


We produce sustainably and also pay attention to regionality and the highest quality.