Production site

We are from Austria

We produce 100% at our home site in Waizenkirchen: from spinning, fulling and weaving to the production of technical needle felts and our special products. We control the entire production chain to ensure the quality and purity of our products. Sustainable production means that we check the entire value chain against our strict requirements.

We take on responsibility

All our recent factory and office buildings have been constructed using low-energy construction methods and sustainable materials, and we meet our energy needs primarily through our solar and photovoltaic systems. For this we were awarded the Energy Globe Award and the Climate Protection Prize.

Regionally produced

For Lehner Wool, regionality is much more than a designation of origin. Our quality products should be produced in harmony with nature and tradition. We want each product to make a valuable contribution to the economic and social stability of the region from which it comes. The ever increasing globalisation shows us how important it is to strive for sustainable developments and to use regional value chains: Securing regional jobs, revitalising regional economic cycles, shorter transport routes and climate compatibility.
Circular economy

From nature, back to nature

The circular economy has a specific model: nature. The goal is to reuse raw materials in a cycle for as long as possible. This maximises the use of resources, reduces the need for new ones, avoids waste and increases the lifespan of products. We take our raw material from nature. The wool is processed by us and can be 100% recycled. Not only do we make the world a bit more colourful, but we have a super ecological footprint at the same time.

Climate neutral

We rely on CO2-neutral energy sources (heating, cooling, electricity), and ensure ecological heating and cooling primarily through our solar and photovoltaic systems.


We have built all our factory and office buildings with sustainable materials. Innovative building services ensure a feel-good atmosphere and a healthy indoor climate in all our workplaces is our top priority.


With regard to the ever-increasing e-mobility, the vehicle fleet (forklifts, company vehicles) of our company is increasingly being converted to electric. We obtain the electricity for this from our photovoltaic system.


We develop all products and processes 100% in-house. We work closely with our partners and experienced experts, including architects, engineers, woodworkers and designers
No chemistry

We build on 100% nature

We work with a renewable and therefore future-oriented raw material. In the manufacturing process, we dispense 100 percent with the use of chemicals, biocides, adhesives or synthetic support fibres. We also live sustainability and ecological thinking in our company: we use solar energy and sustainable concepts to produce almost climate-neutral, we do not use plastic in packaging, we drive with e-stackers and e-cars and we establish more and more sustainable concepts to live the mindful treatment of nature in our company.