Certificates & Awards

Excellent advised

Anyone can say sustainable and ecological. Various certificates and awards guarantee that we don't just throw words around, but actually do what we say. For more than 50 years, we have been working with the purely mechanical processing of the versatile natural product sheep's wool. Years of research and development are necessary to make the best possible use of the special properties of sheep's wool in our products. We are therefore all the more delighted to receive awards for our work time and again.

We have been awarded with the Energy Globe Award and the Constantinus Award for our company buildings and logistics and we are a Climate Alliance company. In addition, our products are NaturePlus certified, so you can be sure that you are buying the best quality.


Energy Globe Award

Due to the constant growth of our wool processing company Lehner Wool, an expansion of the existing halls became inevitable. On the one hand, we set ourselves the goal of using ecological and renewable "high-tech" raw materials such as wood and sheep's wool. On the other hand, it was important to us to optimise energy consumption as much as possible by using natural resources with innovative building services and the energy concept. The building technology includes, among other things, a pellet heating system, an 80 m² collector surface, an absorption refrigeration machine, a, pipe and buffer insulation with sheep's wool, a daylight system with night ventilation, as well as an innovative rainwater evaporation recooling system above the roof. Our newest production hall of 1,600sqm, which was completed in 2020, is also completely climate-neutral. Just as an aside, we would like to mention that all of our company's electricity is sourced with green electricity and our own energy sources.

Climate Alliance company

"Because we are looking to pass on a healthy world to our children". At Lehner Wool, environmental thinking has been lived for a long time. All buildings were constructed with ecological building materials to create a healthy indoor climate for all employees. The buildings are heated with pellets and solar energy, and cooled with rainwater. By using green electricity, approx. 68 tons of CO2 can be saved annually. We are of course very pleased that our company has now been accepted as a member of the Climate Alliance.

Nature Plus

The natureplus® quality label stands for health compatibility, environmentally sound production, conservation of finite resources and fitness for purpose. The aim is to promote sustainable building and living. Our virgin sheep's wool is a renewable raw material that stands for the highest quality and is subject to high quality standards. When you use our products, you ensure a healthy indoor climate and a woolly feeling in your home. The wool of the sheep grows around the clock. This way, you can save finite resources and heating material when using sheep's wool.

Entrepreneur for Sustainability

The campaign "Unternehmerin für mehr Nachhaltigkeit" (Entrepreneur for more sustainability) of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce (WKO) aims to raise awareness of how self-employed women in Upper Austria live sustainability at work in a variety of ways. For our environmentally friendly products, but also for our sustainable business practices such as recycling, upcycling, biological degradation and the extensive avoidance of plastic packaging, Felicitas Lehner was therefore able to receive the award "Entrepreneur for more sustainability" in October 2022.

Constantinus Award

We develop all products and processes 100% in-house. We work closely with our partners and experienced experts, including architects, engineers, woodworkers and designers. We were awarded the Constantinus Award for our operational logistics. This was inevitable due to the development of the STYLIT product line and has greatly increased our productivity and wool consumption. Within one year, we were able to increase sales from 150 tons to 450 tons of wool, and a regional business became a market-shaping, international company.

Genius Award

The Genius Award from Lehner Wool is granted for exceptional and creative building projects using Lehner sheep's wool. The award is intended to reward those who handle raw materials with care, use the wisdom of nature and ensure a healthy and technically well-functioning environment for fellow human beings. Submissions are possible for projects with ISOLENA sheep's wool insulation, Silentum acoustic felts and FELICE flexible sheep's wool rugs in the respective categories: Commercial, Private, Public and Innovation.