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We create innovation from tradition

The world's most innovative "company" is life: Everything moves, changes and takes a new and better path towards the future. Lehner Wool's concept of life has a lot of merit: we want to make our own contribution and produce functional, emotional and aesthetic products from 100% sheep's wool, while at the same time conserving our planet's resources. This striving for a better life has awakened our urge to research and made Lehner Wool the most innovative company in the industry for 3 generations.

For more than 50 years now, we have been manufacturing products from the renewable raw material sheep's wool at our site in Waizenkirchen, Austria. With passion for our products and technological know-how, we have also secured a pioneering role for ourselves in the 21st century, because we are makers of possibilities and convince through sustainability. Together with our customers, we want to find complex problems and develop sustainable products that offer solutions.

Our innovative products inspire with unique functionality as well as highest quality and thus create trust and satisfaction for generations. How can we act and develop so innovatively and flexibly?

Innovation motor: Sustainability

Sustainability is a prerequisite and condition for every new development at Lehner Wool. We live this attitude because it corresponds to our understanding of corporate responsibility, sustainable management promotes a particularly large number of ideas and it is the basis for long-term economic success.

Brand: Self-made

Machines that can do MORE. There is a reason for this and that is the independent development of the entire machine park, each of our machines is unique and only exists once in the world. Alexander Lehner is a tinkerer who is not satisfied with mediocrity and is always inspired by traditional wool craftsmanship and converts machines so that they meet the requirements of the most extraordinary product developments.
No more need for plastic!

Recyclable food packaging

A trend that is getting more and more attention: e-food. More and more consumers prefer to order their food online. Very easy and a few mouse clicks later, the food is in the virtual shopping basket. In times of Corona, this increase can be clearly felt.

In cooperation with the digital farmers' market "markta", we have created resource-saving and efficient packaging or filling material. These serve to develop and protect the products.

The filling material consists of 100% ISOLENA Wool and is laminated on both sides with water-repellent soda kraft paper that is Nature Plus certified.

Advantages of the packaging are:


100% nature - 100% virgin sheep's wool.
Thinking and acting sustainably means not only producing environmentally friendly packaging, but also paying attention to other factors. Sheep's wool has excellent insulating properties, making it ideal for shipping chilled food. Insulating with wool saves space and weight. In addition, our packaging is 100% compostable, plastic-free and climate-friendly throughout the manufacturing process as it reduces CO2- levels.

Storage advantage

Free storage space is a high commodity that you often don't have. The perfect alternative is our packaging from ISOLENA. They ensure that they require up to 90 % less storage than polystyrene.


Very simple: The easy handling ensures that our packaging can be disposed of quickly and easily in household waste. They are recyclable and used for reuse. If desired, they can also be provided with a logo sticker or an advertising message.

Best isulation performance

In all external comparative studies, our packaging is the only and first to achieve the same insulation performance as polystyrene. This means we can guarantee that food stays fresh for up to 48 hours.

Extensively tested

Our insulated packaging has been tested in over 1,000 internal and external climate tests.

Impossible? A foreign word for us

Innovative solutions

Something different

Visual Merchandising: In cooperation with the Bicester Village Shopping Collection, we have also realised somewhat more unusual projects. In 2020, we made 73 scarves of a different size for Christmas decoration in Value Retail Designer Outlet Villages across Europe. These were used to decorate 70 reindeer and 3 bears. We exported the scarves, which were up to 4 metres long, to 7 countries: Dublin, London, Brussels, Munich, Frankfurt, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid and Milan. For this project we processed a total of 22 km of fuse in the colours blue and dark red. Before that we made oversized cats and balls of wool and for 2021 we are making pom poms in all sorts of sizes and variations.

Colourful matter

Every year we work closely with different designers. Our aim is to make products and catalogues as appealing as possible for our customers. We don't just develop products, we consult with experts in the field and thus know exactly what is required. Meetings are an important feature to make design cooperation possible at all.Which colours go well with the scene? What trends do we set for the next collection? What appeals to us? All this and much more is discussed in a team of 5 - 6 people and then implemented.

There are products made from honest raw materials of natural origin that immediately release creativity in me.

Klaus Wagener
Master florist & creative mind BLOOM's Media House
Ionic Protect®: 100% safe

Our wool protection process at a glance

With our Ionic Protect® process, we are the only supplier in the world to offer certified biocide-free long-term protection for our natural wool products, which means that the wool is no longer food for harmful insects. A technology that uses plasma treatment to slightly alter the protein molecules of the wool and gives the sheep's wool all the properties to function permanently as an insulating material.

The two major advantages of this method are:

  1.  no chemical additives are required
  2. plasma treatments are generally permanent, i.e. once done they are irreversible and serve their purpose as long as the basic material (virgin sheep's wool) exists.

A wide range of insulation products are created from the in-line treated wool layers. To monitor and ensure the product safety and quality of each batch of wool, all processes except wool collection - and washing are done in-house.

A new, innovative idea in your head?

A product is only as good as it is suitable for the respective requirement. That's why we always strive to develop innovative solutions made from 100% wool. Just contact us with your idea or requirement!

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