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Silentum is the innovative sound insulation and room climate system for the design of contemporary living and working environments. Our high-quality Silentum acoustic felts stand out particularly due to their fine-pored surface and our globally unique biocide-free wool protection IONIC PROTECT®. In addition, the special treatment of our sheep's wool optimises its general ability to neutralise pollutants such as formaldehyde and tobacco in the long term. Reverberation times are reduced, disturbing and unpleasant sound in low or particularly high tones is muffled.

The rooms radiate concentration and calm. With the wide variety of colours and designs, interior design is offered a broad spectrum of individual design possibilities. Used as pinboards, they optimise the room climate in a simple, functional way. Ideal for school classes, recreation rooms and kindergartens.

Silentum acoustic felts are used in private, commercial and public areas.

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Design meets functionality

Silentum acoustic felts combine design with comprehensive functionality. In offices and schools, they enable a quiet working atmosphere that has a positive effect on concentration and learning success. The bright colours also create a cheerful learning and playing atmosphere in multi-purpose rooms and kindergartens. Whether as a sound-absorbing room element or as felt laminated onto furniture surfaces: Silentum acoustic felts combine health, function and harmonious design.

Sound insulation

The sound-absorbing properties of Silentum acoustic felts are due to the construction of the felt. Despite the very high density of 100 kg/m3 (= mass), it is open-pored and flexible. This means that sound waves can penetrate and are not reflected from the surface. The sound waves of different frequencies are often refracted within the felt layers. Thus they lose energy and are absorbed.
Ceiling, wall, wallpaper

Diverse possibilities

Panels Wall or ceiling mounting

Silentum acoustic panels for walls and ceilings are suitable for a wide range of applications, such as in private living spaces, offices, foyers, schools and kindergartens. Their sound-absorbing properties give rooms a new quality of life and work. Furthermore, our acoustic panels not only improve the acoustic properties, they also look good and can be installed by anyone.

Our sustainable and innovative Silentum panels come with a mounting kit. This includes mounting strips that are simply attached to the wall. On the back of the panel is the counter strip. This means that the panel can be hung like a picture and can be changed and exchanged at a later date as desired.

Slat Wall or ceiling mounting

Acoustic louvres are a real eye-catcher. They can not only prevent disturbing reverberation, but are also a real feast for the eyes. Thanks to our wide range of colours, the slats can be adapted to your interior design. The sound-absorbing property creates a sustainable living space.

Felt - Full-surface mounting

In addition to the acoustic wall panels, there is also the option of installing Silentum acoustic felts over the entire surface. Acoustic wallpapers with an absorbing effect are a nice alternative to conventional wallpapers or plasters.

To mount the felt sheets on the ceiling or wall, the felt sheets are glued. For this purpose, we recommend a wide variety of options for attachment, depending on the substrate.

  • Rigips substrate: Murexin adhesive, a solvent-free, low-odour, high-quality dispersion adhesive. With fast tack and long adhesive life.
  • On wood with white glue
  • On glass, concrete, metal with a conventional spray adhesive
  • On walls and ceilings, it is also possible to work with the one-sided ecofix Velcro tape from Vorwerk. This adheres to the substrate on one side and to the acoustic felt on the other.

Easy to use

Silentum acoustic felts are easy to install thanks to the sophisticated modular system, which was developed together with architects. The assembly of individual elements allows for individual wall design in a wide variety of colours and shapes. Used as a pinboard, they optimise the room climate in a simple, functional way. Ideal for school classes, recreation rooms and kindergartens.

Air filter

Sheep's wool contains keratin as a basic protein building block. The molecules of the amino acid side branches are able to absorb and neutralise pollutants such as formaldehyde. A chemical reaction occurs whereby the pollutants are bound to these molecules or transformed.