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Sustainable solutions made from 100% pure new sheep's wool for your building and renovation projects. Healthy from top to bottom: The high-quality ISOLENA product range extends from thermal insulation for roofs, walls and floors to window and joint seals, impact sound and acoustic insulation, room air filters and sound absorbers. All ISOLENA products incorporate 30 years of engineering knowledge and development work. We manufacture ISOLENA sheep's wool insulation without adhesives and synthetic support fibres and, with our certified Ionic Protect® process, we are the only partner in the world to offer you biocide-free wool protection.

Sheep's wool insulation

Air purification

Moisture regulating

Sound insulation & fire protection


Wool protection

The insulation material that can do more.

ISOLENA is the insulation material of the present and future for people who think sustainably. The wool of the sheep grows again around the clock. You save finite resources AND heating material when using sheep's wool. In addition, you ensure a healthy indoor climate. ISOLENA stands for the highest quality. For ethical and qualitative reasons, we only use virgin sheep's wool (i.e. sheared from live sheep). As a wool protector, Isolena uniquely offers a biocide-free finish with Ionic Protect®, which is environmentally friendly and has been tested for long-term effectiveness. The suitability of the wool protection has been tested and confirmed according to the EAD/CUAP procedure. We at ISOLENA are currently the only manufacturer able to provide complete quality assurance for every production batch, are also natureplus certified and offer the highest level of safety.

A natural building material.

Sheep's wool is the only naturally occurring insulating material that keeps you warm and protects you from heat, cold and moisture. Sheep's wool has been tried and tested over thousands of years. It is the only insulating material that is permanently tested for suitability under the most extreme climatic conditions by the producer - the sheep. In the process, the wool has to fulfil its task of protecting the sheep in every conceivable weather combination. The uniqueness of the raw fibre sheep's wool also makes it a material with unique structural-physical properties in its end product. We at ISOLENA have more than 50 years of experience with sheep's wool through our in-house carpet weaving mill. That is why we know better than anyone how to translate this uniqueness into a product range that is ideally suited to the requirements of today's construction.
Guaranteed wool-safety

Wool protection: Ionic Protect

With Ionic Protect®, Lehner offers the only biocide-free wool protection worldwide. It is a plasma ion treatment of wool fibres with the aim of protecting them from all negative influences that can occur in construction. Ionic Protect® means that the ISOLENA products are retardantly and permanently biocide-free protected on a plasma-ionic basis against. This unique treatment method is only carried out by us and gives the sheepwool all the properties that are necessary for its durable function as an insulating material. The functionality is tested and confirmed in the laboratory, protected by trademark patent, natureplus-certified and tested according to EAD/CUAP standard.

For ISOLENA we only use very well washed virgin sheep's wool. As a matter of principle, we do not add any synthetic additives or adhesive fibres and use our biocide-free, certified wool protection Ionic Protect®. This processing not only clearly sets us apart from our competitors, but also preserves all the natural properties of the fibre.

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Easy application

Highest safety during processing

  • Inspection of all production batches by an external authorised testing laboratory
  • Wool finished with wool protection Ionic Protect®: tested according to EAD/CUAP
  • Internal quality testing: weight, dimensions, density and voluntary testing according to criteria of the ETZ test plan (European technical approval).
  • Unique ISOLENA permanently monitored raw density
  • Every square metre of ISOLENA insulation carries our personal certificate, we guarantee the best quality and workmanship for your well-being

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