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Certificates & awards

Anyone can say sustainable and ecological. Various certificates and awards prove that we don't just throw words around, but do what we say. Constant research and development is necessary to create products that can utilise the unique properties of sheep's wool in the best possible way. We are therefore all the more pleased that we are repeatedly honoured for our work and also receive our own Genius Awards.

What we can adorn ourselves with:

Our successes

Excellent company building

Engery Globe Award

For the expansion of our operating facilities, we used ecological and renewable materials. "High Tec" raw materials such as wood and sheep's wool. Innovative building technology and an advanced energy concept ensure a high level of comfort. Optimisation of energy requirements, which is based on builds up natural resources

The Building services includes a pellet heating system, a 1500 m² collector area, an absorption chiller, pipe and buffer insulation with sheep's wool, a daylight system with night ventilation and an innovative rainwater evaporation recooling system above the roof.

Our newest production hall with 1,600 m², which was completed in 2020, is completely climate-neutral. The entire flow of our operations with Green electricity and own energy sources is obtained.

An overall concept that the jury of the Engery Globe Awards was convincing.

Engergy Globe Award
Climate Alliance Austria
Commitment to climate protection

Member of the Austrian Climate Alliance

At Lehner Wool the Environmental protection has long been an integral part of our corporate philosophy.

Our buildings were constructed exclusively with environmentally friendly building materials in order to minimise healthy working environment for all employees. We use pellets and solar energy for heating and rainwater for cooling. Thanks to our use of green electricity, we can save around Save 68 tonnes of CO2.

The inclusion of our company in the list of Climate Alliance companies fills us with pride and strengthens our commitment to a sustainable future.

Commitment to sustainable building

We are a natureplus member

The natureplus®Quality mark stands for health compatibility, environmentally friendly production, conservation of finite resources and usability. The aim is to, to promote sustainable building and living

Our virgin sheep's wool is a renewable raw material that can be high quality standards undergoes. With sheep's wool products, you can ensure a healthy indoor climate and a cosy feeling in your home. ISOLENA sheep's wool is a sustainable raw material that is used to Turnaround in building materials and therefore rightly bears the natureplus eco-label.

Natureplus member
Felicats Lehner award
Felicitas Lehner is

Entrepreneur for sustainability

The WKO campaign "Entrepreneur for more sustainability" aims to raise awareness of how self-employed women in Upper Austria can contribute to sustainability in a variety of ways. Sustainability at work live.

For our environmentally friendly productsbut also our sustainable operating practices such as recycling, upcycling, biodegradation and the extensive avoidance of plastic packaging, Felicitas Lehner was therefore honoured in October 2022 with the "Entrepreneur for more sustainability" award to accept.

Operational logistics honoured with the

Constantinus Award

We develop all products and processes for 100% in-house. To this end, we work closely with our partners and experienced experts, including architects, engineers, timber constructors and designers.

For our Operational logistics we were presented with the Constantinus Award. Due to the development of the STYLIT product line, this was unavoidable and has Productivity and wool consumption greatly increased. Within a year, sales increased from 150 tonnes to 450 tonnes of wool and a regional business became a market-shaping, international company.

Constantinus Award
With which we can adorn others:

Lehner Wool Genius Awards

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