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Sustainable circular economy

Circular economy

Developing sustainable, healthy and unique solutions for all areas of life: That is our vision. The centrepiece is and remains pure new sheep's wool - pure, unadulterated and traceable. This is how we create 100 % healthy and ecological quality products. And we do this in a healthy, climate-friendly working environment with sustainable and environmentally friendly operating practices.

Cradle to Cradle

The Lehner wool cycle

Cradle to cradle refers to the idea of an end-to-end circular economy. This conserves resources, avoids waste and increases the service life of products. We take our raw material from nature. The wool is processed by us and can then be recycled 100 %. We not only make the world a little more colourful, we also have an ecological footprint.

  1. We source our sheep's wool from partners for whom ecological and animal-friendly criteria are important.

  2. Depending on the breed, they go to the hairdresser once or twice a year: according to animal welfare laws, sheep must be sheared, resulting in approx. 2.5 - 7 kg of wool per sheep.

  3. The valuable raw material sheep's wool is naturally washed with soda and curd soap.

  4. We then use the virgin sheep's wool to make sustainable products: from yarns and felts to carpets, acoustic products and insulating materials. We do not throw away wool scraps, felt cuttings or cord remnants, but use them to make new products and thus practise upcycling.

  5. Our high-quality products are all characterised by Longevity and are used for generations. 

  6. Sheep's wool integrates 100 % into the natural cycle and is completely compostable. What's more, sheep's wool supplies the soil with nutrients and thus forms the basis for healthy soil and good growth.
Sustainability on

Production site

To make the world a little bit better, we also focus on sustainability and fairness at our production site. We think positively, take responsibility and act in the interests of our fellow human beings and the environment. We use a wide variety of approaches to create a healthy working environment and practise environmental protection

Ecological construction

Ecological construction
Practice What You Preach: We have realised all of our more recent factory and office buildings using low-energy construction methods and sustainable materials. Naturally also with the "High Tec" raw material sheep's wool. This allows us to create a healthy indoor climate for all employees.

Green electricity

Photovoltaics and green electricity
Our photovoltaic panels glisten on the roofs of our production halls and warehouses. They primarily cover our energy requirements and we obtain the rest entirely from green electricity. In addition, innovative building technology and an advanced energy concept ensure that our energy requirements are optimised.

Cleverly cooled and warmed
Whether hot or cold - we have a sustainable solution for every situation: our company building is cooled using an innovative rainwater evaporation recooling system, and heat is recovered from the waste water. Nothing goes to waste with us.

Sustainable building technology

100 % CO² neutral production
Our production is completely CO2-neutral and we prioritise gentle production throughout the entire production process and regularly check our supply and value chain in accordance with our strict requirements.

CO2-neutral production

Reuse, Reduce, Recycle
Conscious use of resources is a matter of course for us and recycling is part of our daily activities. We avoid the use of plastic packaging as far as possible. In production, we live upcycling: leftovers are not thrown away, but processed into new, valuable wool products. 

e-charging stations

Sustainable mobility
Our vehicle fleet includes e-forklifts in production and predominantly e-cars as company cars. Employees will find e-charging stations for their vehicles on our premises. We also promote climate protection by offering the option of company bike leasing, either as an e-bike or a classic bike.

Felicitas and Alexander Lehner:

Conviction for the environment

We are convinced that manufacturing products from renewable raw materials is the order of the day.

Felicitas and Alexander Lehner

Felicitas and Alexander Lehner

We want to take responsibility for our environment and climate protection because we passionately believe that the world would be a better place if everyone took care of our planet in their everyday lives and used the available resources more sensibly. When we say that sustainability is our main mission, we do not mean that sustainability is something to strive for, but that it is the only possible way forward for us.

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