Natural. High quality. Inspiring.

100% pure virgin wool has given rise to 1001 ideas inspired by international designers and trend experts. STYLIT is our new trend-oriented creative brand, ranging from flowers and plants, DIY and craft to packaging and gifts. We make cords, ribbons, and strings from soft, natural wool with or without wire as well as a broad range of felts for a variety of fields of application. Our new designs and colours open up an up-to-date product range that is emotional, individual and captivating. And of course, we offer an inspiring platform to share and exchange ideas and to make the world a more beautiful place, together.

Dive into the STYLIT product range.

Floral IT

Floral IT is the brand for professionals in the indoor and outdoor floral industry. In a field where quality and individuality are a daily requirement, it is the products made from 100% virgin wool with their colourfast, functional, consistent and long-lasting qualities that can meet the highest expectations. With STYLIT products, you can give your own creations that certain something.

Craft IT

Craft IT is the brand for individuals and creatives who want more than ready- made décor. Embellishing, shaping, and handicraft are key. STYLIT natural products combine sustainability, tradition and style because the 100% pure virgin wool it consists of is dyed and processed according to the highest standards in Austria. This unique woolly quality is palpable and will make your heart beat faster.

Pack IT    

Pack IT brings the infinite possibilities of STYLIT into a world of ideas around gift-wrapping and giving, always keeping in mind natural, re-useable and sustainable ways. STYLIT products are suitable for food items, gifts, and the packaging industry. Our designs are made from 100% virgin wool and can easily be combined with paper, cardboard and the likes, opening up new creative possibilities. Pack IT. Made with love, thought of with love.