STYLIT RAW & Money Maker STYLIT RAW & Money Maker
RAW-Series and Money Maker Felt

Fair novelties 2023

Two unique, new products we are introducing at the show: Our RAW series, made from natural Austrian sheep's wool and the incredibly valuable Monymaker felt with shredded euro bills. 

RAW Collection: Naturally authentic

Regional Authentic Wool - that is our RAW collection. The series stands for naturalness, regionality and naturalness. Only natural sheep's wool from Austrian pastures is used to make the felts and cords.

RAW: Regional Authentic Wool RAW: Regional Authentic Wool

The collection currently consists of four different cords and three felts and makes the hearts of nature lovers beat faster. 

  • The neutral shades reflect the earthy brown and grey nuances of nature. These pure, unadulterated colours speak for themselves and provide the ideal starting point for any colour play, no matter how colourful.
  • The structure and texture of the products have a slightly raw, yet incredibly fine and clear touch.

No matter what exactly is planned, with RAW you can give free rein to your creativity. And you can be sure: With RAW, every piece becomes a decorative masterpiece.

STYLIT RAW-Collection STYLIT RAW-Collection
RAW Cord in 4 colours
RAW cord RAW cord

In the cords of the RAW series, the jute core, which is normally hidden under the wool fluffs, is visibly brought to the fore. One feels a wild, rooted naturalness.

RAW Felt, 15 cm wide
RAW felt narrow RAW felt narrow

Bast fibres in the felts of the RAW Collection, create the connection to the natural environment of the sheep. The wool is noticeably soft, the finish a real treat for the hands.

RAW Felt, 65 cm wide
RAW felt broad RAW felt broad

The bast fibres in the felt, 'impurities' in the wool and the colours of the natural fibres give every creation made from this felt that certain something. Perfectly imperfect.

Lisa-Maria Thalmayr Lisa-Maria Thalmayr

"A series like »RAW« reminds us florists back to our origins, to to deal with nature in its entirety. Nature with each line and form as it is. It's not about being very present or loud. But to get involved quietly and gently to the creative feeling that we all carry within us.'"

Lisa-Maria Thalmayr, AT

Money Maker Felt: Infinitely valuable

Probably the most expensive packaging in the world – the »Money Maker«. A unique felt, which is distinguished by its real Euro-banknotes inserted into the wool in shredded form and therefore conveying extraordinary value.

The »Money Maker« is a perfect accessory for gift wrapping and can be used for festivities, celebrations or as a beautiful decoration for stylish flower arrangements.

Funny Fact Funny Fact
Incredibly valuable:
Each piece has a monetary value of € 500.000,-.
Wrapping with »Mony Maker« Wrapping with »Mony Maker«
STYLIT »Mony Maker« STYLIT »Mony Maker«
Money Maker Felt narrow
STYLIT »Mony Maker« narrow STYLIT »Mony Maker« narrow

Felt rolled,
150 mm Width,
5 m Length

Money Maker Felt broad
STYLIT »Mony Maker« broad STYLIT »Mony Maker« broad

Filz folded,
500 mm Width,
1 m Length

»Mony Maker« detail »Mony Maker« detail