Tradition. Innovation. Responsibility.

100% of our production takes place at our location in Waizenkirchen, from spinning, milling, and weaving to the manufacture of technical needle felts and our specialised products. That way, we are able to control the entire chain of production so that the quality and purity of our products is guaranteed.


We completely avoid the use of adhesives or synthetic support fibres. Our certified Ionic Protect® process is the only sheep’s wool insulation worldwide that offers biocide-free wool insulation.

Firmeneingang Lehner Wolle Waizenkirchen
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Our products and processes are developed wholly in-house. To achieve this, we work closely with our partners and experienced experts, including architects, engineers, wood construction specialists, and designers. Our operating logistics have garnered us the Constantinus award.


We love virgin wool­—the unique raw material—and source it from our long-standing network of suppliers. Depending on the wool type and intended use, our wool comes from Europe (Austria, Germany, Switzerland) and from overseas. We source special natural blends from various regions of the world as needed. Our supply of coloured wool is dyed according to REACH regulations.  

All our newer factory and office buildings have been realised using low-energy construction methods with sustainable materials, and we meet our energy needs primarily through solar and photovoltaic panels. This awarded us the Energy Globe Award and a nomination for the Austrian climate protection award Klimaschutzpreis. Our newest 1,660 sqm production hall is also climate neutral (final completion: end of 2019).


Respectful interaction with one another is one of our guiding cultural values. Our entire workforce, with whom we master and celebrate our highs and lows, is part of the family.

Lehner Wolle Ing. Alexander Lehner in der Werkstatt