100% virgin wool. Sustainable. Healthy. Unique.

Lehner Wool is your specialist for 100% virgin wool. Our strength lies in knowing the particular qualities of virgin wool and the purely mechanical process and treatment of this versatile natural product. We are driven by a vision to develop innovative solutions in all areas of life in a sustainable, healthy and unique way. To reach this goal, we have put the experience of two generations and over 50 years of development work into all our brands.

Firmeneigentümer Ing. Alexander Lehner und Felicitas Lehner
Lehner Wolle Stylit

decor/inspiration/ indoor & outdoor

Lehner Wolle Silentum

acoustics/ ventilation/ interior design

Lehner Wolle Services

client-customized woollen yarns/wool fleece/ wool felt/ fabrication

Lehner Wolle Isolena

sheep’s wool insulation/ sound insulation/ ventilation

Lehner Wolle Felice

interior design/ carpeting systems/ flexible wool carpets

Lehner Wolle Schafe

Sustainable. Healthy. Unique.

All our products are free from adhesives, biocides and synthetic support fibres. The result is a quality product made from virgin wool that is 100% healthy and sustainable and combines functionality and modernity in a unique way.


With Ionic Protect® we offer the only biocide-free wool insulation in the world. The process we developed for it is patented and trademarked. Ionic Protect® is natureplus certified and tested by EAD/CUAP.